Sunday, November 2, 2008

Interactive Robotic Lion Dancing System

(completed project)
Lion dancing is a folk art performed during many Chinese festivals and important events. It is a widely seen art form in many part of the world. The lion dance is usually performed by well-trained acrobats with years of practices. In this project, we aim to use advance robotic technology to develop a mechatronic system that can perform life-size lion dancing with the traditional lion dance outfit. We intend to experiment the fusion of traditional art form and robotic technology so as to stimulate people’s interest in the disappearing traditional art form and folk lords, and give new meanings to the new art form. The completed system has been showcased in the opening of ASTAR Fusionpolis on 17 October 2007.
(Project funded by ASTAR. Special thanks go to Jenny Ang, Han Boon Siew, Desmond Goh, Yan Liang and many ASTAR researchers and NTU students.)
ASTAR press release:

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